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LED sign board / LED Display Board

GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is well versed in the field of LED sign board manufacturing in Bangalore and has the proficiency to come out with excellent LED sign boards. There is nothing that would stop from your message being displayed to the target audience. The LED sign boards have the colorful and creative displays and would ensure that the advertisement strikes the right chord with the public.

Features of LED sign board / LED Display Board

Bangalore is the center of business activities, especially in the IT industry. Many business shops need LED sign boards to display the business message. GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the makers of LED sign board in Bangalore.

• The long-life is the best benefit. The big advantage is that led sign board would last 3 to 5 years more than fluorescent and neon board.
• The brightness level is same through the years since the led sign board in Bangalore does not emit any gases that cause gloominess.
• Eye catching brightness is the specialty of GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd.; a top led display board manufacturer in Bangalore. The clear light ensures that the matter is readable from a distance. It stands out boldly in daylight and night.
• The better look of the message through will make customers impressive.
• Low maintenance is the advantage with LED display board.

LED display board Cost

Many professional companies like GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes out with LED sign boards that are environment-friendly, and it uses less power than neon sign boards. illumination costs are significantly reduced making it advantageous. There is no occurrence of mercury or argon gases in LED and that makes it less contaminated than neon. The approximate savings of power, when compared with neon. GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading LED sign board manufacturing company in Bangalore.

LED display board in Bangalore comes out with many costs and it depends on the size of the LED sign board that is required by the client. LED sign board rate vary from place to place and specification of the board. Please feel free to call GA Advertising Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for quote and site visit.

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